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BB, short for Blue Bot, is not just another Messenger bot. She’s a self-learning system (or: Artificial Intelligence) adaptable to almost any device or channel in the near future. BB can help you book a ticket on Messenger.

BB has her own professional, helpful and friendly character, but be warned; she can also be a bit cheeky from time to time. Aside from that, she’s always eager to learn more in order to be of better service to you.

A new member on the team
Welcome to the family
Project status: Available

BB is launched in September 2017. Today, BB can help you book a ticket. But in the future BB will be there to assist you throughout your entire journey. Meet BB. The smartest way to book a ticket!

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KLM always aims to improve your travel experience and works for your travel satisfaction, which brings us to the concept of Design Thinking; develop new products and optimise existing processes in a user-centered manner.

To achieve this, we collaborated with TU Delft and started to experiment in a live, operational KLM environment which explicitly exposes the real needs of real passengers. We call this, “Design Doing at Royal Dutch Airlines”.